Evangelism campaigns

Reaching thousands of people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in one week.

During our evangelism campaigns, we turn cities upside down for King Jesus. We share the Gospel by using posters, radio stations, door to door evangelism, and last but not least we will organize a big party on the central square of the city.

During these campaigns we see thousands of people making the decision to follow Jesus, and many are being healed of sicknesses and diseases.

Kamuli, Uganda 2019

Kamuli is a city with a lot of Muslims East of the River Nile. Also, it is the capital of a district also named Kamuli.

Thousands of people were touched by the power of Jesus during the Miracle & Healing Campaign in Kamuli. We really experienced a breakthrough in signs and miracles. Among other incredible testimonies, read the story of this young boy who was born completely deaf.


Gulu, Uganda 2019

Gulu is a city in Uganda. This city is greatly traumatized because of its history with child soldiers.

"For me, it was the first time leading a big campaign like this. That's why I had a strange feeling when we arrived in the city for the first time. There were at least three huge posters with my face on it on every single lamppost you could find. At arrival at the hotel, we were immediately recognized because of our local promotion videos on Facebook. The whole city was in turmoil and great expectation of what would happen the coming days.
The campaign started and thousands of people started coming to the square to hear the Gospel, and to receive deliverance and restoration."


~ Falko Lodewijk


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